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This years Cycle show at Earls Court

On of the Best bikes at the show was the latest version of the Scott Spark Ltd in its top spec version at a cool £6499. The lightest full suspension mountain bike money can buy at only 9.20 kg / 20.26 lbs.


With 110mm of travel and handlebar adjustment for the rear from 85mm-110mm.

As you can see pretty much everything is carbon fibre.

The entry level bike comes in at £999 weighing 13.55 kg / 29.85 lbs.

Some would say is 4.3 kg really worth £5500.

Custom made low rider covered in sparkle, bling bling

They also had a preview of the new London cycle hire scheme, and how the system works.

The bike were available for test ride too, to me they seemed excessively heavy and not really that great.

They use a shimano 3 speed hub gear with hub brakes front and back. The saddle wasn't that great quality either. Not very impress but guess it will do the job.

Shimano were also showing off there electric gear shifting system. Just push a button and it changes gear for you. maybe a sign of things to come for the future
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