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Weight Saving - Ideas and advice on making your bike as lightweight as possible

When it comes to making your bike lighter choosing your parts to upgrade to is very important to get the most weight saving for the price and performance.

- Firstly the part has to do its job, if it doesn't or is too flexy then its going to compromise your riding and enjoyment.

- Secondly it has to be as lightweight as possible.

- Thirdly you have to able to afford it.


The cheapest way i have found to buy lightweight innertubes, eg a standard mountina bike tube can weight upto 200grams, where as a lightweight one can weight as little as 90grams. Costing around £8 compared to £5 for a normal tube the ration of weight per pound spend is massive.

Many people would spend hundreds to save 100grams on any other part.

Some examples of custom weight saving.

Since getting a Pillar drill I've experimented with drilling holes in various parts as shown below.

Drilled holes in the thicker sections of the outer ring not the thinner bits with the grooves for shifting as they are too thin. Also took off the inner ring as my hardtail was light enough to not need it.

Drilled a few holes in some of the thicker parts of my LX mech.

The XT mech below I took the drilling a bit further, especially on the alloy arm, and it was working fine for ages until I went out in thick mud. The the mud was soo thick the wheel was hard to turn round and the chain was made of mud. At that point a bit of chain suck caused the mech to bend up and snap.

Am sure it would have continued to work fine under normal conditions

The seatpost does flex a little but saved over 30grams, the seat clamp just looks good

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